Final Presentation


The purpose of this Action Research was to improve the health lives of sedentary individuals through online training and personalized work out sessions. Current research confirmed that time pressure to work out could be overcome with the use of social interaction and accountability. The implementation of Web 2.0 tools such as Google+ Hangouts, MyFitnessPal, and Schoology LMS made at-home virtual group workout sessions possible. With the use of these technologies, motivation to work out increased and caused participants to be proactive with their own pursuit of healthier lifestyles. The outcomes of the Action Research were a success, providing the groundwork for future research in the realm of online exercise and fitness training.

Literature Review Reflection

This word cloud image of my literature review looks like a learning spaceship, blasting through the academic abyss to find new ways of engaging and interacting with learners.

Final Presentation

Reflection Podcast on SoundCloud

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Publishing/Leadership Project

Journal or conference selected

Initially I wanted to present at a local TEDx conference in Texas, but then I had an audacious idea to spearhead Full Sail’s very own TEDx event.

Reasons for choosing this conference or journal

The reason why I chose TEDx is because of a goal I made to myself earlier this year: that I would be part of the TED Talks speaking experience. Little did I know at the time that only prestigious and well-known individuals were invited to speak at official TED Talks conferences. So when I made that discovery, I wasn’t the slightest disappointed because I knew that TEDx events, the local branches of the TED brand, would be another viable conference option to apply to. I love the TED brand because the presentations I have seen have all been inspiring and innovative. I wanted to be that inspiration for others, too, which drew me toward wanting to present at a local TEDx.

Expected outcomes if selected

So far I have received the unanimous support from my professors in the EMDT program of Full Sail University. Here are some of the correspondence messages I have received from my month 11 professor, who confirmed that my project has been approved. I have blotted out names and emails to protect the identities of individuals.

And here is another message:

The next step I need to take is contacting the school’s Staff Development Program Manager who coincidentally was my month 2 professor. I believe that I can get more direction and advice from her, as well as get connected with particular university contacts that she may have to make my TEDx event at Full Sail a reality. My proposed scheduled roll-out for the event is around October 2013, but it will depend on the cooperation and support I can get from the school.

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