Action Plan

Action Research Focus Statement

Most people seldom make time to go to the gym and workout due to a myriad of excuses. Studies have also shown that too much sitting can cause ill effects on health in the long run. This action research’s proposed solution aims to improve the health lives of sedentary individuals through online training.

Forecast Video

Target Audience Details

Target audience members are single male and female individuals between the ages of 23 and 50. They lead sedentary lifestyles in which most of their working hours consist of sitting behind a desk or in front of a computer. They are tech-savvy individuals who are plugged into social media networks, staying on top of the news and keeping in touch with friends, family and co-workers. They are part of the culture of immediacy (fast food, fast internet, quick gains and rapid output).

The Implementation Process

The Action Research Capstone Project tests the viability of online social interactions to affect the personal health and fitness goals of a community with similar careers and lifestyles. Cycles will last for four weeks, with Cycle 1 beginning in April 2012 and Cycle 2 in May 2012. Data collection will occur through online video interaction and a survey mailed out at the end of each month to gather qualitative insight on personal progress and program improvement. Participants are required to use a computer with Internet access and a web camera, and a Google account to interact with other members online through Google+ Hangouts, a real-time group video platform. Participants will also register for a free My Fitness Pal account to track fitness progress and calorie intake to meet targeted goals. Participants will prime themselves before the actual sessions by viewing the work out exercises from an Internet database. After viewing the exercises, participants can notify the instructor on which exercises are doable or not so that the instructor can accommodate to specific needs and limitations. Participants will perform exercises during the group work out session on Google+ Hangouts whilst the instructor addresses proper form, cadence and frequency of the exercises. Participants will complete the work out within a time constraint of 15 to 20 minutes, log weekly calorie intake and/or exercise activity using My Fitness Pal, and voluntarily share progress on social media channels by linking to a dynamic weight ticker. Participants are urged to read through a health disclaimer and then sign a waiver form that gives the instructor permission to video record random work out sessions for qualitative analysis. The Capstone Project also relies on participants to be ready and on time to fulfill objectives within a time constraint.

Assessment & Evaluation Tools

Assessment tools to aid in my cycles include pre and post surveys created in Google Apps that will collect and assess the sampled target audience’s progress and other qualitative data, as well as gather feedback about their experiences before program initial start, and again at the end of the monthGroup video software such as Google+ Hangouts will be used to interact with participants in real-time workout sessions, as well as interview participants at the end of the cycle to further gather formative feedback, qualitative data and testimonials. My Fitness Pal’s Calorie Counter will also be used to track individual progress and calorie intake. Data will be analyzed using the constant comparison method and reported to relevant stakeholders such as instructors within the EMDT program as well as to the learners themselves.

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