Month 10 AR Blog Post

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Is there a connection between the data produced from your Cycles and the research reported in your Literature Review?

The Action Research demonstrated a connection between Cycle 1 and 2 data and the Literature Review. Based off the data, online group accountability and interaction can illicit self motivation to work out during a busy 9-5 work schedule. The Research also supported and confirmed the Literature Review findings that alternative teaching methods based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences improved learning on different levels (Schrand, 2008); activities and environments conducive to professional development influenced personal development (Koster, Dengerink, Korthagen & Lunenberg, 2008); and social acts that bring out self-awareness and interpersonal understanding were achieved using Web 2.0 technologies (Chih-Hsiung, Blocher & Roberts, 2008).

How did your AR project turn out for you? Describe as a practitioner, how did this project improve your practice.

The research involved in the Literature Review really offered some valuable resources that teachers and professors should consider incorporating into their current teaching methodologies. In this particular Action Research, I can walk away knowing that going out of my comfort zone to try new things is very rewarding. The journey began with self-discovery, which then lent itself to discovering new technologies that were conducive to this project. In this case, I can conclude that Google+ Hangouts is an amazing group video chat service and social network that can be utilized in many ways in the realm of academics. When used properly, it pushes the envelope beyond traditional teaching methods to offer something fresh and innovating that benefit both students and teachers alike.

Is a personal learning environment or an LMO something that could be part of your AR project in the future? Why or why not.

The Action Research project could benefit from a structured learning management environment. Currently, assets are kept on the Exercise From Home website, but they are lost among other blog posts which might make finding the necessary information more difficult. In an age already crowded with data and information, sorting through the clutter to find exactly what is needed has become a challenge in itself. Learning management systems like Schoology offer a way to organize that information and make data more accessible and interactive so that users benefit from the improved structure and interface. It might be exactly what the project needs in order to stand above the rest.

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