Program Cycle Thoughts

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

What changed in your set up from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2?
So far Cycle 1 is going well for my project implementation. All the assets I’ve created have been put to good use. There is already some good feedback that I can implement in Cycle 2, such as new exercises, variations in those exercises, and adding a musical element to keep the sessions interesting.

What’s happening that you did not expect?
I did not expect that participants would come as they were called! There is a lot of enthusiasm for being able to workout when time permits it, especially if the session only lasts ten to fifteen minutes. For all of us, I think the biggest surprise is how much can be accomplished in that little amount of time.

How are you tracking data differently?
Data collection remains the same: I’ve so far recorded each workout session and evaluated the time it takes to complete a full set of exercises. I’ve also written journal entries on each session so that I have a growing archive of data points. The only thing different is how little use MyFitnessPal is proving to be; everyone has signed up for an account but I’m not sure if the program is being used effectively to track personal data. 10-15 minutes is enough time to work out, and I’m unsure if taking more time on MyFitnessPal will actually be motivating for students to use. I will ask about its use during our next feedback session.

How do you foresee FPE contributing to your capstone project?
The stuff we’re learning in FPE gives great insight on how to make sessions more engaging for participants through interactive, visual and video content. The seven elements of visual storytelling is a great tool to measure several aspects of my first cycle through figurative (point of view, emotional content) and literal (pacing, economy) meanings. Honestly though, the sessions are too kinesthetic to be thought of so deeply. Until participants can see and feel a drastic physical and emotional change in themselves, we can analyze the symbolic teachings that FPE teaches us at a later time.

One comment on “Program Cycle Thoughts

  1. EMDT Action Research says:

    This is great!! It seems all is on track and moving forward. I am excited to see your summary of what happened and the results reported. Cycle 1 is due month 9 week 1 and cycle 2 is submitted month 10 week 2.

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