Month 7 MTA: Action Research Progress

Thursday, March 29th, 2012
EMDT Action Research Timeline

Current progress on my Action Research Capstone Project.


Only five more months to go after our Month 7 Course and then the EMDT programme will be over! All is well with implementation so far. In fact, I had planned on asset creation as early as December 2011, but it looks like majority of that work fell on the month of March. Implementation was pushed back to the first week of April due to arising circumstances outside of the programme. Now that I’m finally back on track, I feel that Cycles 1 and 2 will go well come April and May, and I will have enough data to report on for Stage 3’s Reflection and Presentation portion of the programme. Although Full Sail’s spring break begins on April 9, I foresee no real threat to implementation during that time since workout sessions will only be once or twice a week. My participants so far range from Full Sail peers to family and friends, and they are all really excited to begin. Each implementation cycle will approximately run for 4 weeks; originally I planned for 2 months, but some advisors have suggested that 4 weeks is plenty of data to work with.

One comment on “Month 7 MTA: Action Research Progress

  1. EMDT Action Research says:

    Great visual of your timeline! It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Expect setbacks they will happen and will cause your project to evolve. That is expected. Cycle 1 is due in month 9 week 1 and cycle 2 is due in month 10 week 2

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