Capstone Project Progress

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

How is your AR project unfolding for you? When will you begin Cycle implementation in your environment?

The project is going quite well. I am in the process of developing more workout assets to aid in the exercise regimes. Because of this, I have had to push back the cycle 1 implementation date a few weeks since I initially scheduled to start at the beginning of March 2012.

How are you planning to track your data?

Quantitative data will be gathered through the use of Web 2.0 fitness tools which tracks individual metrics; these numbers will be measured against objectives stated in the initial health survey to see if participants’ health goals are being met.

Qualitative data will be collected using a survey given at the end of each month as well as through analyzing randomly recorded work out sessions where participants will be asked to give program feedback. These open-ended responses will be analyzed using the constant comparison method.

What happened in your research that you didn’t expect? Explain.

My own busy schedule with full-time work and and personal endeavors blindsided some of my initial implementation dates. The beginning of this year has proven to be challenging and rewarding because of transitions in the workplace and at home. I look forward to this month when I can catch up on producing more workout assets to aid in my exercise programme.

How has this month’s course (so far) helping in shaping your ARP?

The events leading up the the first cycle of implementation are noteworthy and will help shape the outcomes of cycle 2 pre-production and implementation. When all is said and done it is important that I lean on accountability partners (such as my friends from team Innovative Minds) to keep me on track while I provide the same support toward their own project endeavors.

I like month 6 so far because we are being continually challenged to push our technical boundaries by continuing to use video authoring software such as iMovie and vector animation software like Adobe Flash. First-hand application through these softwares is crucial to project success both in this month and for the rest of the year when we continue to flesh out the rest of our Capstone Research.

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