TMD Blog Post and AR Timeline

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Below you’ll find my action research timeline, created in Popplet:

Who are your critical friends? What role do you anticipate your critical friends will play with regard to your AR project? 

Critical friends are those who can contribute feedback to my action research project. Such people are vital to my research due to their areas of expertise and ability to observe, guide and inspire from the sidelines. These friends include Full Sail University professors and teammates within the EMDT programme, as well as industry mentors and teacher-friends who have a passion for education and technology. And last but not least, there are the participants who will give plenty of feedback as the project progresses through the months.


When will you schedule implementation? How do you plan to address the hurdles that you might encounter during this project?

Implementation will commence at the start of the year when everybody begins their New Year’s resolutions and will last for five months. It will continue throughout the rest of Stage 2 and end in month 9 (Game Strategies & Motivation). Since the project is not conducted within a classroom, the perceived hurdles include individual tracking of participants‘ progress. The solution: have a one-on-one meeting or conduct a survey each month to gather feedback and improve the project for future participants. The other major hurdle is individual motivation, but the project remains hopeful and optimistic because the action model is built around a social community in which participation and accountability are inherent and encouraged.


4 comments on “TMD Blog Post and AR Timeline

  1. Hey Alf,
    It sounds like you’re putting together an interesting project. I’ll be interested to hear more about it as you get your research under way! You can count on me as a critical friend, too!

    Also, side note, I am digging the old school mac layout for your wordpress.

    • Shiba Tales says:

      Thanks Bryan. 🙂 I initially wanted to train new students how to use the Mac platform, but I’m more interested in health and fitness of said users. Besides, Steve was able to figure out how to use his new computer with little intervention from me. ;P

  2. stevelux says:


    I really appreciate the work you are doing in this EMDT program as it is so unique. You really stretch the boundaries of technology in such imaginative and innovative ways. I love the way Popplet works, and I will be opening an account there for future work. The look of this blog page blows me away, and once again my mind is buzzing with the thought “How did Alf do this???????”. And finally, I would be willing to bet a lot of money that your AR idea is one in a billion! Great job again.

  3. rcdeleon says:

    Great comment about critical friends. Since you are starting your implementation a bit early please remember month 5 will help you provide a foundation for implementation. This may help you with cycle 2 or evolve cycle 1. AR is a fluid, cyclical, evolving process devising your action plan in month 5 will guide you with implementation. EXCELLENT timeline it provides a clear projection and overview of your project. Well Done!

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