Technology Integration Video

Monday, December 5th, 2011

I think I’ve decided on what topic I want to pursue for my capstone project. Having realised that I’m a health nut and I love to work out, it would be awesome to help other graphic designers achieve a healthy lifestyle, too. All we do is sit anyway, which is really bad for our health. Here is a recent article on the effects of sitting on long-term health. Since we designers lead so busy lives anyway, my capstone project will attempt to solve the dilemma of packing physical exercise into a busy work day without having to go to the gym or spending tons of cash on equipment. With resistance bands, you can easily work out and achieve a healthy lifestyle while at work or at home.

I also talk about multiple intelligences in the video, breaking down how resistance band training is very engaging to more than one intelligence. Note that when I talk about interpersonal intelligence, the “interpersonal not unnecessary” caption could be seen as an error, but it’s not. Interpersonal is not an important intelligence in this case because people won’t need to go to the gym, but if online training requires some kind of accountability and motivation, interacting with me (as an example) would allow interpersonal abilities to be tapped and developed. Also note that there is a photoshopped head of mine on some soccer player’s body, which was created in jest for the project. But the other pictures of me are genuine; I gained a lot of weight when I was in undergraduate school, but I was able to lose it with proper diet and exercise.

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