Capstone Project: Reflection before the Storm

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
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Here are the questions to be addressed:
1. After evaluating your professional environment, what area(s) of interest have you focused on for your Action Research Capstone project?
2. Why have you chosen this direction?
3. Describe your target audience. How do you anticipate them playing a role in ensuring that your results will make a difference in your environment?
4. You should have started researching the current literature surrounding your topic, please describe any challenges/difficulties you are having with this process and/or any helpful hints/tips that you have discovered to make this process easier.

And my answers:
1. I would be interested in training peers in new forms of technology, mainly in Mac computers and applications.
2. I realized that this would be a great interest to pursue after talking with fellow classmates about their new experiences on the Mac platform. Some have just made the switch from PC to Mac, so navigating across the interface to them would seem like a daunting task.
3. My target audience would be any new Full Sail online graduate students who receives a Mac computer for the first time. Their role is crucial to my Capstone project results because their success is related to my successfully training them how to navigate the platform.
4. Initial research toward the literature review was centered around video games as a learning environment. Although a simulation would be amazing to create, it may not be necessary in the training of Mac computer use since students would be working from their Mac computer directly. If I choose to continue pursuing Mac education training for my project, I will have to stray away from the video game environment idea and pursue something along the lines of video training, remote desktop interaction or some other related technology.

One comment on “Capstone Project: Reflection before the Storm

  1. rcdeleon says:

    It seems your focus is professional development. But it is critical that you select a target audience. There must be a minimum of 4 participants for your cycle implementation. Your topic will become more narrow and focus once an target audience is selected.

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